Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you consider prices lower than advertised?

A: Yes but not much lower; we have tried to keep prices as realistic as possible. Also if there is more than one person interested, then the first to offer the asking price gets the domain.

Q: Do you consider other escrow agents?

A: We will consider other legitimate Escrow agents, but the buyer pays all Escrow costs. We prefer to use Transact as they charge less than £5 per transaction and we have had very good experience with them.

Q: How quick does it take to get a domain?

A: The longest part of buying a domain is the time the bidder takes in transferring the money into the Escrow account. The actual transfer often takes less than 24 hours. In general once a bid is accepted, the whole process is completed within a week.

Q: Can we trust the Escrow agents?

A: All reputable Escrow agents offer a lot of credentials on their website for you to research and follow up. We will only work with reputable Escrow agencies.

Q: Will you work without an Escrow agency?

A: No. Escrow fully protects the buyer and seller.

Q: Do you charge VAT?

A: Yes. We are a UK company and charge VAT to sales within the UK. Sales outside of the EU are exempt from VAT.

Q: Will I have to renew the domains?

A: When you become the owner you are fully responsible for renewing the domain name.

Q: Is there a discount for sets of domains (e.g. the same and .com)?

A: Yes. Sets or multiple domain names bought is one sale can receive up to 20% discount.

Q: Would you sell your complete domain portfolio for one fixed price?

A: Yes. Make my day!